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At NR Promotion you can find a lot of promotion articles and giveaways for your customers. Exclusive articles and very grand choice for reasonable prices – these are the points where our customers benefit.

We create brochures, car scents, magnets, refreshing towels and many more. To get more customers you have to be seen. With our products you get recognized easily. NR Promotion offers ideas and advise you your ideal products. You find promotion products and gifts from A to Z.

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brochures – glossy

car scents

envelopes – A4

envelopes and shipping bags

brochures – special cutting

brochures – 20x20cm

brochures – A4 – fold once

brochures – A4 – fold twice

brochures – A3 – fold once


invitations – event (birthday, marriage, etc.)

invitations – classic

invitations – marriage deluxe

inlays – A3

inlays – A4

inlays – A5

labels – wash instructions

labels – classic

labels – special cut

inlays – gold refined

labels – lucent

labels – CD / DVD

labels with doming effect

fan merchandise

refreshing towels



bottle opener


flyer – A4

flyer – A5

flyer – A6

flyer – A7

business papers


cases for smartphones, tickets, IDs

canvas tote bag

calendar – tear off calendar

calendar – quarterly calendar

calendar – business calendar

calendar – poster

calendar – fold

calendar – table calendar (52 weeks / 52 sheets)

calendar – cane calendar

calendar – Ramadan calendar

carton carrying bags

catalogue print





magnets – standard

magnets – special cut

magnets – holo

magnets – special events

magnets with thermometer

magnets – car advertisement

magnets – customized frames

magnets with noteblocks

magnetic smartphone holder for cars

team equipment

pencil case



sewing kits

notepad – A4

notepad – A5

notepad – A6

notepad – A5 – with hardcover

notepad – A6 – with hardcover

notepad – A5 – spiral binding

notepad – A6 – spiral binding

notepad – 7,6cm X 7,6cm

notepad – magnetic

folder with pocket

paper foot mats – car dealers, detailers

posters – A3

posters – 50x70cm

posters – 70x100cm

posters – special sizes

posters – for sale posters

car sunshields



recycable pens




desk goods – leather

desk goods – recycable




service advertisement


text markers


table sets

touchscreen pens


clocks for the fridge (magnet)

USB drives

business card – eco

business card – one page

business card – glossy

business card – holo

business card – gold refined

business card – silver refined

business card – matte

business card – 700gr paper

business card – special cut

business card – elevated letters

business card – lucent

business card cases

election posters

wall clock

workshop tools


Do you want to place an order? We’re awaiting your phone call or an e-Mail. We make you an individual offer for your needs.

What else does NR Group offer? Messages are best transferred with pictures. NR Media produces clips for companies, musicians and other clients. Our international team stands by your side from the beginning to the completion of your project. NR Pack offers customized bags, boxes and other packaging solutions. Our product range offers basic products, premium products and deluxe product like customized wooden boxes. NR Plast offers customized individual license plate holders. The technology of NR Plast makes ist possible to colorize the full strip (52cm). We can print your logo or text in many colors, with elevated or chromed letters. We offer the correct solution for you. You can find customized work wear at NR Textil. Shirts, sweaters and trousers – we make it all individual.

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offers media solutions, packaging solutions, license plate holders, promotion articles and textiles. Get products from our broad prodcut range for reasonable prices.